More than 120 doctors undergo surgery in Den Eye Clinic every year.

Good reputation and earned trust have always meant a lot to us. We are especially proud of our excellent reputation among the medical community. More than 120 doctors undergo surgery in Den Eye Clinic every year.

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Cataract /clouding/ is a manifestation of the ageing processes in the eye.

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Laser vision correction is a procedure designed to eliminate the dependence of man on glasses or contact lenses.

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Children's vision

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Eye clinic DEN

Eye Clinic "Day" is one of the first private eye centers in the country, offering cataract surgery and laser vision correction.

Founded in 1996, Eye Clinic "Day" has two new buildings in the center of Sofia, easily accessible by all transport.

Our team

Eye Clinic "Day" has a team of excellent and dedicated specialists with many years of experience in various fields of ophthalmology, who through high professionalism, maximum accuracy and responsibility, improve patients' vision.

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We combine the knowledge and the skill of the doctors with the achievements of modern technology to return the light in people's eyes.

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Health Funds

Eye Clinic "Den" has a signed contract with the National Health Insurance Fund and with the following voluntary health insurance funds:

Microsurgery, laser vision correction…+359 2 983 20 28