Through high professionalism, honesty and responsibility we strive to improve the vision of our patients.

We provide accurate diagnostic services and adequate treatment of eye problems in compliance with the leading global standards and tendencies.

  • Computer diagnostics of the refraction;
  • Ultrasonography – А and В scan;
  • Computer perimeter– Humphrey perimeter;
  • Computerized color corneal map – corneal topography;
  • Fluorescent angiography (color image of the cornea using contrast media);
  • Non-contrast digital intraocular pressure analysis;
  • Tonometry using the Goldmann and Schiotz methods;
  • Pachymetry (measuring the thickness of the cornea);
  • Color corneal imaging;
  • Digital photography of the posterior ocular segment;
  • Intraocular lens power calculation;
  • Skiascopy;
  • Keratometry;
  • Goldmann visual field exam;
  • Gonioscopy;
  • Ophthalmoscopy;
  • Tear secretion test, nasolacrimal duct penetrability;
  • Surveillance and documentation using a digital camera in an eye biomicroscopic examination;
  • Color vision test, stereovision;
  • Coordimetry (external eye muscle test);
  • Examination under general anesthetic if necessary;
  • Consultations with external specialists and an anesthesiologist;

DEN EYE CLINIC works in partnership with The National Health Insurance Fund and a number of Voluntary Health Insurance Funds.

Microsurgery, laser vision correction…+359 2 983 20 28

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