Cataract /clouding/ is a manifestation of the ageing processes in the eye. Similar to grey hairs, ocular structures become less transparent as the years go by. About 50% of the population of up to 60 years of age has a cataract at some stage of development. This is clouding of the lens, which is part of the optical system of the eye. The cause for that process is unknown.

Ultraviolet and infrared rays, smoking, and some medicines are risk factors for the development of clouding. There are no proven prevention methods either.


  • Blurred vision;
  • Reading difficulties;
  • High sensitivity of oncoming headlight;
  • Seeing in double vision; “circles” around a turned on lamp

A thorough medical examination may determine that you have clouding of your eye’s lens.


When your vision gets weaker and becomes an impediment in your professional and daily activities.
The decision is personal – we will help you by giving you detailed and competent advising.
If we gain your trust, we assume full responsibility for the surgical and conservative treatment of the multiple causes weakening your vision.


The surgical removal of the clouding of the lens and its replacement with an artificial one is the best eyesight recovery method. Breaking the ‘veil’ using ultrasound and sucking the particles through a small surgical incision allows for the patient to be discharged from the clinic in a few hours and for the quick recovery of the visual functions.
At Den Eye Clinic we offer the most up-to-date treatment using an ultrasound no-stitch method with a micro incision (phacoemulsification) implanting soft monofocal, multifocal, aspheric and toric lenses.

No stitches are made after the tiny surgical incision;

In the first days following the surgery you must put eye drops to enhance the healing process;

If you are sensitive to light , you must wear sunglasses;

You will get back to your normal way of life very quickly;

It is advisable to avoid hard physical work.

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